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What is stopping your child from learning? 

Learn how to overcome learning difficulties on Tuesday, 14th May 2018

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Listen to Marie Ryan interview Margaret Harley about the Movement and Learning Program.
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Does Your Child Struggle to Learn?

Does your child experience low academic results, inadequate social skills, poor concentration and listening skills, lacks co-ordination, and struggles with homework? Do you sense that your child has more potential and could  improve academically, gain confidence and become independent?

Watch this short clip to understand causes that stop or block your child's potential. 

Is You Child a Weak Speller?

Watch this video on how spelling results  improved from the method in SPELL BETTER in just 5 minutes a day ...

"Hi, I'm Lochie. I'm in Year 3. I didn't know how to spell one week later, this week I can."

Kirkus Book Review


"Presents a convincing, clearly written argument for a research-based instructional technique, supported by evidence of success; should be a welcome addition to any elementary school teacher's arsenal."

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What people say about SPELL BETTER in just 5 minutes a day?

“The book is very easy to read and explains why my Year 8 child whom has dyslexia struggles in English. He now learns his words and knows that they will not be forgotten. He is confident in front of his peers. Happy child!! Happy Student!!” Daniela Bottos

"The book is well written, easy to follow and has been an invaluable tool. My Year 8 daughter struggled with spelling and tried different methods until this program helped her spell with ease, but even more importantly, has boosted her confidence and made a difference to her overall learning.” Kathryn Furtiere


About Me

Margaret Harley is an Educational Specialist whose extensive expertise has assisted hundreds of students who struggle to learn, offers you new, unique, outstanding individual programs that increase your child's potential to learn, become confident and gain independence.

Learn Easily accesses worldwide research to know how to lay down the foundations of learning by creating new connections in the brain to increase learning through movement patterns, and the new S.P.E.L.L. Method that directly accesses the visual memory from the book SPELL BETTER in just 5 minutes a day. No matter what the challenge, you will find great value and improved longterm results from our holistic approach.

Spell Easily Workshop This was the best workshop I have ever attended as it was continuously experiential to learn the new visual memory spelling process and it explains specific learning areas in the brain. Brilliant! Cass Woollard Primary Teacher